Ethics & Compliance

Being a responsible partner means positioning ethics at the heart of our business.

A responsible citizen and partner

We build our growth around two basic principles : integrity and transparency. We are therefore determined to outlaw all forms of corruption in our business activities and we apply a “zero tolerance” policy that we disseminate to all of our stakeholders. We also support strong and meaningful societal initiatives.

Direct witness to an act of corruption, a serious environmental harm (e.g., water pollution) or human right abuse (e.g., child labor), unethical behavior committed by ALTEN?

You can use our internal whistleblowing system by logging into the secure platform :

Ethics & Compliance

We build our growth around two basic principles: integrity and transparency.

We are committed to conducting and developing our business in strict compliance with national and international laws, and making ethics and compliance a common priority. To support us in our compliance approach, we provide a secure whistleblowing system:

Prevention of corruption

  • A “zero tolerance” policy regarding corruption
  • An ambition shared with ALTEN’s internal and external stakeholders
  • A commitment enshrined in the Group’s strategy and supported by the Management
  • Compliance with national and international standards for the detection and prevention of corruption
  • A supervised practice of gifts and invitations offered or received

Commitment charters