Our mission

Bringing efficiency, reliability, flexibility and confidence to today’s sponsors.


Our mission is to transform clinical development around the globe through our expertise and services by bringing efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and confidence to today’s sponsors. Together with our clients we enable patients to access better treatments.

Because we have 1000+ specialty staff and 30 years of experience working in all phases, we fulfill our mission of bringing efficiency, reliability, flexibility and expertise to clinical development in the world.


Empowering sponsors with our people and processes, starting from the concept stage onward, by providing support as trusted advisors, value added expertise, quality work and intelligent consultation, all with a patient-centric approach to achieve positive outcomes.


Aixial Group can help you around the world. We provide services onshore, nearshore, and offshore to ensure that your solution is customised to your specific needs. Our mission? To deliver efficient clinical trials.


Values that guide our behavior and decision-making every single day

Business focused

We are not afraid to take calculated risks and make bold decisions to deliver on our contracts and commitments. We accept responsibility for the consequences of those decisions and are brave enough to admit, and learn from our mistakes. We manage with an eye towards the future, encourage creative thinking and continuous improvement, and embrace change as an opportunity, not a threat. We anticipate the impact of changes and speak up when things don’t look right.



People are our biggest asset. We empower our teams. We challenge them to step outside their comfort zone and raise their bar. We set clear expectations, provide resources, support and guidance, and give them autonomy. We provide constructive feedback and call out bad decisions. And when things get uncomfortable, we have their backs: successes are theirs; failures are ours.

role model

Role model

We are role models: we demonstrate positive behaviors and attitudes, knowing that our teams will naturally emulate these. We lead by example, doing what it takes to get the job done, and inspiring our team members through our expertise, enthusiasm, hard work and high standards.



We engage and motivate our teams. We coach and mentor them to grow personally, professionally to develop in their roles and their careers.



We are accountable for our decisions and behaviors, and we encourage accountability in our team members: we fix problems rather than point fingers.



We are open-minded and we know how to communicate efficently. We are honest, transparent and emotionnal intelligence is at the heart of all our methods. Our motto is to say the right thing, at the right time, in the right way, to the right people.

ethical professional

Ethical professional

We treat our team members with respect and fairness, accepting differences and ensuring that no individual or group is favored. We support and care for the interests of the business and the interests of individuals in equal measure.

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